About Us

Aline’s Story

I am Aline Sobral, a native of Brazil, and the owner of ASAP Cleaning Services in Northern California. I am a proud first generation immigrant and have lived in the United States since 2000. At the age of 18 with a rudimentary knowledge of the English language, I first visited my brother and sister who had immigrated to the United States before me. I was eager to learn English in addition to my native portugese. I almost immediately fell in love with San Francisco. I decided to work towards becoming a resident. With the support of my sister who encouraged me to pursue an education and start a career, I settled in Northern California. Going to school and helping my sister in her residential cleaning business, I fell in love with the cleaning industry. It fascinated me and sparked my passion. When my sister decided to return to Brazil, I took over her business and founded the ASAP Cleaning Services in 2014. ASAP Cleaning Services is family owned and our employees are like family. Everything from there is history.

Our Crew

Meet your Green Cleaning squad.

With over 16 years of experience, our team of cleaning technicians can handle the dirty work! Our rapidly growing business handles clients from large to small, from multi-story office buildings to large and smaller residences in our home cleaning catalog. They are passionate about creating a happy, healthy environment for your home or business. From sparkling bathrooms and spotless floors to sustaining a healthy air quality, scrub up the ASAP way!


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